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Organic. My husbands favourite Superfood. If you are looking to increase your energy, he uses it every day. A gorgeous purple coloured berry from South America. These berries pack a punch of free radical fighting antioxidants and taste great too. Origin Peru.

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Our No.1 superfood is Acai. If you’re looking to increase your energy levels! This South American super berry is packed with nutrients, high in antioxidants and ideal for breakfast or a pre-workout smoothie. Our Acai is organic and sourced from Peru. Acai has been used for years in South American countries and especially popular in Brazil as it’s one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Its high levels of antioxidants and ability to scavenge free radicals makes it more potent than blueberries on the ORAC scale which measures levels of antioxidants. Recent research has shown it helps the body to heal faster and regenerate, which helps prevent aging. Acai contains high levels of B-vitamins, vitamin K, potassium and manganese, and essential omega fats. An all round nutritional powerhouse!

Our Peruvian Acai powder has a pleasant berry taste, similar to a cross between a blueberry and a red grape and is easy to incorporate into food and smoothies. Another important attribute of Acai is its ability to increase energy levels, stamina, and athletic performance. For this reason it’s best to take Acai in the morning or 20 minutes before your workout in a smoothie.

Acai’s high nutritional content, pleasant flavour and make it a perfect choice for breakfast when you can sprinkle it on your cereal, add it to yoghurt, blend with fruit into a smoothie, and as it contains protein and fiber it will help to keep you feeling full throughout your day.

Acai works best when it’s not taken every day so you can feel the energizing benefits. Take it when you know you’ve got a busy day ahead or before your workout and you will feel the difference, clean pure energy that lasts all day! Just add 2 large teaspoons to a smoothie or your breakfast bowl in the morning and let this Brazilian super berry supercharge your day!

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts

  • One of the most nutrient dense foods on earth
  • High in antioxidants
  • Fantastic for breakfast smoothies
  • High levels of B-vitamins, vitamin K, potassium and manganese, and essential omega fats
  • An all round nutritional powerhouse!

Per 3g serving:

  • Protein 0
  • Carbs 1
  • Calories 20


All figures are approximate and can vary.

Please consult your doctor before taking any products.


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Fantastic energy provider. Seriously, in all my years of training I've never felt a boost so effective than this bad boy. Review by Justin / (Posted on 04/09/2015)

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