7 Ways Coconut Oil Will Change Your Life


Coconut Oil has grown in popularity over the last few years, with celebrities and influencers boasting of its amazing benefits, and it’s easy to see where all the hype comes from. After using the product a few times, we don’t think you’ll ever go back. From cooking dinner to replenishing your skin, you can use coconut oil throughout your regular routines all day long. Don’t believe us just yet? Here’s 7 ways you can use coconut oil in your everyday life.

  1. Cooking - From baking to frying and everything in between, you can use coconut oil as a substitute for most cooking oils, eliminating the nasty, saturated oils we often use. The combination of fatty acids in coconut oil has a profound effect on our health. It can increase metabolism, reduce hunger, and can improve brain function!

  2. Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - If your hair needs a little rejuvenation and revitalisation, then coconut oil is your go-to beauty product. You can do an overnight hair mask or a 20 minute intensive conditioning mask in the shower. It gives your hair a great shine and improves overall strength of your hair.

  3. Oral Health - Because the oil in itself is antiviral and antibacterial, many suggest “oil pulling”, which essentially means putting a small amount of oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 10-20 minutes. Many claim it can help strengthen and whiten your teeth, cleans your gums and pulls toxins from your mouth.

  4. Massage - Coconut oil is amazing for massages and acts as an aphrodisiac, leaving a heavenly smell and feel. Add a drop of lavender or peppermint to mix things up!

  5. Make Up Remover - Instead of using harsh chemicals on the delicate skin near your eyes, use coconut oil. It takes off even the most stubborn of makeup after a long day of work.

  6. Lotion - Because of the creamy consistency and amazing smell, coconut oil makes for a great after-shower lotion. Not only does it deeply moisturize your skin, but it also sinks in quickly so you can set out the door quickly after. You can even use it as a cuticle softener and lip balm.

  7. Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Coconut Oil helps minimize and prevent wrinkles by promoting collagen production. Place a small amount on your ring finger and rub in around your eyes overnight.

The list could go on and on, but we’ll let you give these a go first and see how you feel! Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook with, and it does wonders for the body, inside and out. It’s been found to kill viruses, helps treat wounds on the skin and help aid in weight loss. You can read more about coconut oil and where to buy the products we love here.

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