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Living away from home and starting a new life in a new country has many challenges and rewards. Life is very different! When Justin and I decided to pack up our life in London and move to Thailand we had no idea how much our lives would change.


Thailand is a beautiful country and where we have made our home, now with our little boy Mika. It’s a truly amazing life we live but of course we miss many things from home. Every day we are blessed by incredible sunsets, swimming in tropical seas and never wearing woolly jumpers -  but I have to admit I miss M&S, Waitrose and all the little things you take for granted in the UK!!


  But for everything we do miss we have so many wonderful replacements. Living in the tropics has meant our whole diet and lifestyle has changed. With an abundance of tropical fruit, fresh air and warm temperatures we can run and do yoga by the sea, walk the dogs on a beautiful beach and we now eat a much more healthy diet.


We may not have M&S but we do have one of the most amazing things growing all around us and is so integral to tropical life...coconuts and palm trees! Coconuts are using in cooking in almost every tropical country, Thai food is renowned for having hot spicy soups and curries made with coconut milk, and drinking coconuts on the beach on a hot sunny day is not only cheap as chips but good for you!


Coconuts are very unique and life in the tropics wouldn’t be the same without them. Drinking coconut water which is packed with electrolytes and minerals is the best way to stay hydrated and nourish your body. Everywhere in the world you can now buy coconut water, and if you’re not a fan of drinking water you will love coconut water’s sweet and refreshing taste.

 COCONUT1.jpgThe fat in coconut meat is also very different to normal fat. It contains long-chain fatty acids, caprylic acid which helps fight candida and pathogens and makes smoothies, curries, salads, and cakes out of this world!


If that wasn’t enough the humble coconut also produces coconut oil which has been used traditionally for years as a treatment for healthy hair and skin. Now research and nutritionists are finding more and more benefits for coconut oil, there are some signs that it may help prevent Alzheimer's, it helps fight bad bacteria in the gut and is a great product if you are making raw food recipes as it sets hard in the fridge. It can be cooked safely at high temperatures while many other oils are unstable at high temperatures.


COCONUT8.jpgEven adding a teaspoon on coconut oil to my morning coffee helps balance out the acidity of the coffee and makes it a healthier choice. There are so many ways to use it! I still love using it on my skin and is often used in Thai massages here, and the smell alone does make you feel like you’re in heaven. The massage helps too of course! ;) 


So if you haven’t already added some form of coconut to your life it’s time to see what this delicious tropical fruit can add to your health or your diet.




Wishing you and your family the best of health,

Alison x



My mission is to provide you with the best quality ingredients to help and inspire you and your family to live a healthier lifestyle!

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Posted by Gary Strydom. on
I love it!!! Thank you for the wonderful power mix you sent me.

Best regards.
Posted by Gary Strydom. on
I love it!!! Thank you for the wonderful power mix you sent me.

Best regards.
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