Breaking The Fast


Living on Koh Samui, it really is a blend of many cultures – tourists from around the world, expats who have chosen to call the island home, the local Thai people from all over Thailand and of course many religions blending together, with a significant Buddhist and Muslim population.

As I was shopping at my local market the other day looking around for some fresh locally grown mangoes, I realised it was unusually quiet when it dawned on me that Ramadan had started.

Celebrated in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, each day during this month Muslims all over the world abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, as well as participating in anything that is ill-natured or excessive; from dawn until the sun sets. The fasting is apparently intended to educate Muslims about spirituality, humility and patience and cleanse the soul. Once the sun sets, Muslims are again allowed to eat and this got me thinking, what can they eat and how could they use superfoods to enrich the body during this time – and the one thing that came up again and again in my research was dates!

Mmm, delicious sweet sticky dates. Of course we sell Medhjool dates at Nature Home Asia, so I put together a recipe using these sweet treats that are loaded with proteins and a great way to end the fast!

Click here to get the recipe for our delicious and easy to make Date & Walnut Cake – best wishes to anyone celebrating Ramadan and for those who just like cake, enjoy!

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