MCTs for Health, Energy, Fat Loss, Brain Function, and Anti-Aging!


Anyone want increased health, energy, fat loss, brain function, and anti-aging?? Apparently we need more MCTs then.

So what are these MCTs?

Well MCTs are Superfats, but with a special power. Specifically, ones that contain a type of saturated fat known as medium chain triglycerides or MCTs, also known as medium chain fatty acids or MCFAs. Other types of fat must be broken down by the intestines before they can be used as energy, but the energy in MCTs is readily available. These special fats are known to increase metabolism and fat burning, as well as increase energy. They have also been shown to be protective and useful in treating a variety of diseases related to impaired fat metabolism. All this plus brain boosting and anti-aging effects! What’s not to love.

So how can I get more?

Well these special type of Superfats are only found in a couple of sources …

Coconuts – MCTs are found in the oil of the coconut meat


Red Palm – MCTs are found in the oil of the palm fruit (not the oil of the kernel/pit)


Right, I’m off to make an MCT rich mango coconut smoothie.

To great health! 

Alison x






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