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The Lab and Nature Home Asia

When I first moved to Koh Samui in Thailand I was excited to continue my exercise training in a different environment to the air-conditioned gyms back in London. The benefits gained from training in high temperatures was fantastic and I could feel a marked difference in my stamina when I went back to indoor city gyms. 

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The Lab360 Membership Under Armour Challenge/Grand Launch on Thursday 6th August 2015 – AND YOURS TRULY WON THE UNDER ARMOUR CHALLENGE!!

However, one thing I found was due to the nature of an island gym, for many years I didn’t experience the evolution of training techniques and equipment that I would have done from a city gym. With island life, things just tend to move a little slower!

Craving an innovative gym it so happened that I was introduced to The Lab last year in Bangkok.  I was over the moon, my wishes had come true!  This gym has it all - great atmosphere, music pumping (and good music, not the Euro trash played elsewhere), brilliant enthusiastic trainers backed up by great admin staff, equipment I’d never used before and space...lots of open space PLUS it’s not your usual pay-a-monthly-fee-gym – its concept is based around group classes and personal training sessions only. Buying a monthly pass gave me unlimited group classes and I also started to train one on one. The group classes on offer are either a 30 minute blast or 60 minutes in length.

This was totally new concept to me, training with 20 girls and boys, sometimes in teams and sometimes individual. Beginners and experienced. Ropes. Jumping, Kettle Bells, crawling around on the floor! My fitness level shot through the roof very quickly and now I was getting ripped!

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The Lab360 Membership Under Armour Challenge/Grand Launch on Thursday 6th August 2015

My trainer Ross helped me cure my 9 month old shoulder injury which had restricted me to only running and he taught me to engage my scapulas, improve my posture and I was eager to get back into lifting and with Ross’s help within no time, I was back to my old self. The guns were back!!  Oh and my pet hate for 30 years, chin-ups were now one of my "favourites...ish!"

To keep me fresh, I switched to a new trainer, teaming up with Jack the Manager of the Lab and infamous as one of the "top 3 baddest trainers in Bangkok". Different approach, more functional, a lot of kettle bell movements, vipr exercises, TRX, stretching and exercises based around the stopwatch and he also pushed me on my chin ups which I now "love..ish!"

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The Lab360 Membership Under Armour Challenge/Grand Launch on Thursday 6th August 2015

Spending a lot of time with Jack and Ross, we chatted extensively about nutrition, which tied into Nature Home Asia so naturally -  and soon without much push from either of us, we started working together – with Nature Home Asia now a proud sponsor of the Lab, helping their clients to eat well pre and post workouts and get all the nutrients their bodies require.

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The Lab360 Membership Under Armour Challenge/Grand Launch on Thursday 6th August 2015

And now with the Lab360 Membership package all members receive a discount on all online purchases with Nature Home Asia during the lifetime of their membership. You can’t go wrong. Training and nutrition working hand in hand. Experienced trainers, a great environment, proven results – The Lab delivers on every promise – and now with Nature Home Asia again with proven results, all natural ingredients, superfoods to help you get the best out of your body and your training!

Onwards and upwards…and in the healthiest way possible!




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