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Like any Mum I want to give my little boy Mika the best start in life and see him grow up healthy and strong. There is no rulebook, we just learn as we go and since starting Nature Home Asia my understanding of health and nutrition has grown enormously.


Our gorgeous son Mika’

Buying good food is not only an investment in you and your families health but also good for the environment. Much of the world is now moving towards growing and buying fair trade and Organic produce and I hope this is the trend for years to come. Buying Organic food shows you care not only for your own health but for the future of your kids and the planet.


The simple fact is that since modern farming methods the quality of our produce has declined.Yes it looks good, but what does it actually contain? Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified seeds have changed what we are eating completely and it is now affecting our health in lots of different ways. Mass production of food has meant that overworked farmland is left with depleted soil, and when produce is grown in it it’s lacking in vitamins, minerals and good nutrition. So you may think you’re eating a good healthy diet but then you realise that those big juicy tomatoes contain at least 40% less nutrition than those grown 30 years ago and are covered with chemical residues! Not something I want my little Mika to be eating, so as soon as I knew that I moved the whole family over to organic food.


The other wonderful thing about buying Organic is that it tastes so much better! So not only are you giving you and your family the healthiest and most nutritious food you can to help them grow and develop, but it also has so much more flavour. You really will notice the difference! Add to that that you’re doing your bit for the environment and it’s a win win for everyone.


At Nature Home Asia we pride ourselves on sourcing the best products and are constantly sourcing new organic suppliers. Supporting Organic farmers not only means that we are increasing the demand and lowering the price, and that will lead to more and more farmers moving over to Organic farming.


So if you haven’t already started buying Organic it’s time to make the move. From vegetables to nuts, fruit and honey, the more you include in your diet the better you will feel. The Organic movement is growing and here to stay. So don’t panic it’s Organic!


Wishing you health and happiness,

Alison x



My mission is to provide you with the best quality ingredients to help and inspire you and your family to live a healthier lifestyle!

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Posted by Sawittree on
Thanks for sharing this information. I also prefer organic food but when I moved to work in Songkhla it is not easy to find an organic vegetables. Here in SKL I found some at Top but it's very little.
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