The Raw Revolution



Red Velvet Cupcakes- Students work from Gee Palmer's Glow Raw Food Workshop, Singapore.


Everyone’s talking about Raw Food these days but what exactly is it and what’s all the hype about? When I first started training as a nutritionist I wanted to know everything about food, nutrition, and health and I started hearing more and more about raw food.


Raw food is technically unprocessed food that has not been heated above 42 degrees, it can be gently warmed so it doesn’t have to be served cold but it can’t be cooked. Cooking food lowers the nutrient value and destroys vitamins and minerals, but most importantly it kills the live enzymes that are so important to our bodies to live well and thrive. Enzymes are catalysts in the body, they’re the powerful chemicals that make stuff happen! So if your body needs to repair, to detox, to rebuild, and you want to prevent premature aging your body needs live enzymes...along comes Raw Food!



Raw Beetroot Ravioli- Wild Beets, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza, Spain.


Some people love eating raw food so much they go completely raw, which I’ve tried but personally it wasn’t for me. Raw food can be as simple as eating a big juicy peach, a superfood smoothie, a gorgeous salad, or you can get much more creative and make just about anything from a live living lasagne to incredible chocolate brownies! And the best thing is that are good for you! Amazing.


When you eat lots of Raw you really do feel good, you are eating as close to nature as possible and most recipes are gluten, dairy and white sugar free, are minimally processed and have no additives or preservatives. This makes it fantastic for kids and for people who have food allergies and can’t eat things like wheat, dairy, or eggs. Suddenly if you’re gluten intolerant you can eat pizza, pasta and cake!


Raw Lemon Cranberry Tart at the Living Cafe, Bukit Timah Road, Singapore.


For 10 years I didn’t eat gluten or sugar so I never ate any desert other than fruit. Then I started training in raw food and making various recipes and found it incredible and so much fun. A whole world opened up and you start meeting great people, hunting out health food cafes and eating really beautiful food. The colour and vibrancy of raw food makes cooked food look dead and grey on your plate, and trust me many of these recipes taste better than the cooked greasy original versions. Get ready for a taste bud explosion!


Raw food is very reliant on good ingredients, you’re not cooking in butter, covering with white sugar or pan frying to get flavour. You’re using live fresh ingredients that are bursting with real flavour and often enhanced with various superfoods. This kind of eating makes you feel good and is ideal if you live in a warm climate and don’t need warmth and comfort food. It also gives you lots of energy and it’s really fun to prepare.



It’s summer here in Ibiza and we are so lucky to have so many health food cafes across the island. Passion Cafe, Rabbit Hole, Planet many to choose from. Last week I went to the wonderful Wild Beets and tried their amazing beetroot this is a beautiful dish! And when I’m in Singapore I’m straight off to The Living Cafe that does the best raw desserts ever. It’s 35 degrees everyday here so I’ve been making and teaching my friends Raw Vegan Ice Cream which you can find in our recipe section and is incredible. It really is life changing! We have some great recipes on our website so don’t be afraid to dive in and try something new.


Nature Home Asia has one of the best selections of Raw Food ingredients available in the world and why I love working for Alison and Justin and using their products. The fact that they have such good quality produce, especially Asia when it’s not always so easy to get hold of some ingredients, is fantastic. So if you want to stop eating junk food, but think you’ll have a nervous breakdown if you can’t eat a chocolate brownie again, you are going to be very happy when you start eating Raw. Even if it’s just one meal a day, give it a go and see how much better you feel!


Right…off to make some raw chocolate ice cream and go for a swim!


Gee Palmer Nutritionist 

All images copyright Gee Palmer.

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