Why Medhjool Dates?



Dates are like little heavenly packets of pudding from nature, and Medhjool dates are the King of them all! Their soft gooey sweet caramel goodness melts in your mouth, and surely no one can resist sucking their delicious sticky fingers clean! Medhjool dates just feel so indulgent that it’s hard to believe they are so good for you too.

Here are some of the many health benefits of Medhjool dates and why you should enjoy them more:

-        High energy

  • natural sugars and high potassium keeps you energetic and strong

-        High fibre

  • keeps you full longer
  • stabilises blood sugar levels to give you a steady source energy
  • sweeps your colon clean and kicks out the nasties
  • keeps you regular

-        Easy to digest

  • saving your energy for more important things!
  • quick supply of energy for when you need it
  • all the nutrition is available

-        High nutrition

  • High in iron so blood can carry plenty of oxygen to wherever it’s needed in the body
  • High in potassium needed for healthy heart and blood pressure
  • High in copper needed for healthy nervous system and energy generation
  • High in calcium, manganese and magnesium important for strong bones and teeth
  • Good source of B, K and A vitamins important for healthy eyes and skin
  • Contains antioxidants which destroy free radicals that can damage your cells, and lowers triglyceride levels

Enjoy! x







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