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Organic. A powerful Himalayan energy herb . Add to your smoothie for a vital “moringa morning”.
Also available in Vegan capsules. Our highest grade from India.

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Relatively new on the health food scene Moringa Leaf has an impressive range of medicinal uses with high nutritional value and medicinal benefits. Moringa has become a very high profile and popular health supplement and with good reason. The Moringa tree leaves (Moringa Oleifera), commonly called the “drumstick tree” is native to India and had been planted around the world to grow and be used for its health giving properties. It is one of the most powerful health-enhancing plants, and been highly revered in India and in Ayurvedic medicine for years. Traditionally used to treat over 300 diseases it is also a nutritional powerhouse.

Moringa leaf is best known as a great source of nutrition and a natural energy booster. It’s energy boost is not from a sugar source and is therefore long and sustainable without upsetting blood sugar levels. It helps lower blood pressure and also acts as a sleep aid. It is also known as a natural detoxifier which may come from the fact that it is used to purify water and has the ability to attach itself to harmful bacteria, which can then be removed from the body and help reduce any toxic load.

Although a relatively recent supplement to the health food market, it’s high nutritional profile has made it a very useful and popular supplement. It can act as a natural multi-vitamin as it has 7 times the amount of vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the amount of calcium found in milk, 4 times the amount of Vitamin A in carrots, 3 times the potassium found in bananas, and 2 times the amount of protein found in yoghurt.

Wow!!! On top of this it has up to 90 nutrients, and more are being discovered as this wonder plant gains more attention and investigation by scientists. Moringa, with it’s 90+ verifiable nutrients, not only contains all these elements, but also has significant portions of Vitamins B, B1, B2, B3, D, and E, polyphenols (antioxidants), other minerals, fiber, and is one of the highest, naturally occurring sources of chlorophyll. Moringa also contains 36 anti-inflammatories, builds the immune system and is great for your skin health.

Moringa is also high in protein and contains 18 of the 20 amino acids required by the human body, including all 8 essential amino acids which are often found in meat products so very useful for vegetarians and vegans who want to make sure they are giving their body everything they need. These amino acids are called “essential” as our bodies cannot manufacture them naturally and are crucial to staying well and healthy longterm.

Our Moringa is Organic, sun dried and of very high quality.

So how do you use Moringa? The easiest way is of course to add it to your smoothie. The powder is a light green and Moringa leaf powder can be added to just about anything you eat. It is extremely versatile.

It takes roughly seven pounds of fresh Moringa leaves, to make one pound of Moringa leaf powder. 7 lbs. fresh = 1 lb. ground and dried. Some people eat between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon daily, others eat a lot more than that.

Moringa leaves make a very "potent" powder, we recommend that you go slowly when eating it. Start out with eating a small amount, and increase it daily.


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