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Organic. Alkalise your system with this mighty blast of vitamin B and complete protein. Origin France.

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As a health food supplement Nutritional Yeast has been around for years and known mainly for being rich in B Vitamins. It’s also widely used in raw food recipes to give a great flavour to recipes like cheesecakes.despite its unappealing name, may be one of the best additions to your diet in terms of nutrition and taste. It has a nutty, cheesy flavor and provides a wealth of vitamins, minerals and protein that almost anyone, from paleo enthusiasts to vegans, can enjoy. Don't confuse nutritional yeast with baker's yeast, which is still active and could grow inside your stomach, depriving you of nutrients, or with brewer's yeast, which is inactive but distinctly bitter. This is completely different!

Nutritional yeast is a microorganism known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae and grown on sugar cane and beet molasses. Once it's harvested, it undergoes heat treatment to deactivate it; then it's crumbled or flaked. Nutritional yeast is a source of B vitamins, including thiamine, folate, B-6 and niacin. Just 1/2 tablespoon will provide you with a day's worth of B vitamins. These vitamins help you extract the energy from food and produce red blood cells.

The things you won't find in nutritional yeast also make it great for your diet. It contains little sodium and fat. It's also gluten-free, so people who must avoid this protein found in wheat products can enjoy it. Additionally, nutritional yeast lacks Candida albicans, the type of yeast that aggravates the fungal infection known as candidiasis. It's free of dairy and soy as well.

Nutritional yeast is a complete protein, meaning that among the 18 amino acids it contains are the nine essential ones that your body cannot produce. Nutritional yeast also provides the compounds beta-1,3 glucan, trehalose, mannan and glutathione, which are associated with enhanced immunity, reduced cholesterol levels and cancer prevention. You get a significant dose of the minerals iron, selenium and zinc when you consume nutritional yeast. One serving of nutritional yeast provides about 4 grams of fiber, too.

Add nutritional yeast raw to smoothies or salads, or sprinkle it over popcorn, stir into soup or toss into pasta. Nutritional yeast is often used in raw food recipes to get a “cheese” flavour. You will often found it used to create vegan "cheese" dishes such as nacho dip, mac 'n' cheese, and added to cashew cream in cheesecake recipes to give it a rich depth of flavour.

Packed with flavour and rich in vitamins, Nutritional Yeast is so much better than it sounds!


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