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Organic. You and protein go together like two peas in a pod. Origin China

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This is an excellent Organic protein powder for anyone just starting out in the world of health food and making smoothies. It’s a great vegan alternative to whey protein that tastes great and blends well. If you love working out then you’re probably already using some kind of protein powder. If you go to a gym, you’ve probably heard the guys by the weight machines talking about the protein shakes they drink after a workout and what kind of shake they prefer. Protein powders, made into a shake or consumed however you like, are getting more and more popular as a nutritional supplement.

Protein is used by the body to help it build and repair tissue. It’s an important supplement to add to your diet if you are trying to build muscle and strength and if you work out a lot. It also curbs your hunger so adding it to your smoothie will keep you going for hours, and is essential for repair and growth even if you’re not athletic.

Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is also an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

Along with fat and carbohydrates, protein is a "macronutrient," meaning that the body needs relatively large amounts of it. Vitamins and minerals, which are needed in only small quantities, are called "micronutrients." But unlike fat and carbohydrates, the body does not store protein, and therefore has no reservoir to draw on when it needs a new supply.

As the need for protein in our diets became apparent, protein powders like whey and soy hit the shelves. Not only are these generally poor quality supplements, the over-marketing of soy as a “healthy food” soon showed it was not a healthy source of protein and people started looking for alternatives. So along comes mother nature with good reliable, vegan sources of protein coming from pea, brown rice and hemp. All are less acidic to the body, easily digestible and taste great.

Protein powders are also invaluable to anyone who is recovering from illness or has a weak digestion. Compared to digesting a large steak or beans, protein powders are easy to digest, packed with easy to absorb amino acids and don’t require large amounts of energy to break down.

Pea protein powder is a very soft subtle flavour and easy to blend into your morning smoothie with fruit, water, almond milk and any superfoods you wish to add. It’s subtle flavour means you can mix it with almost anything and can also use it in energy balls, cakes, desserts, or even mix it in yoghurt when you want a more substantial meal or to add bulk to a recipe. Naturally very low in fat it and so versatile, whether you want to lose weight, or want to gain muscle this is a great product to have around. Yes Peas!

Add between 2 large teaspoons to 1 heaped tablespoon to a smoothie or recipe depending on your dietary requirements



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