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Here you can find details of all our different types of flour, each of which are brimming with essential minerals, nutrients and other health benefits.

A staple of any kitchen, flour is a versatile ingredient dish and while so many of us use conventional white flour in our cooking, there are superfood equivalents which can help towards a healthy lifestyle. Just two fine examples are almond flour and coconut flour, both of which are renowned for their health benefits.

While many see flour as an ingredient to make cakes with, it can be used in all sorts of foods, with cookies, energy bars and pasta just three from a whole host of examples. As the use of flour is so widespread today, it’s clear to see how a switch to organic and healthier flours can contribute towards a healthier lifestyle. When browsing through our range of flours, you can find out details about their individual health benefits by clicking on the ‘more detail’ tab for each.

If you want to incorporate other organic produce into your diet, why not check out our spices and condiments, seeds, nuts or other products that we have to offer. As Thailand’s leading wholesaler of natural and organic health foods, our website is the place to visit for all things healthy.

Are you interested in purchasing any of our flours in bulk? Depending on the quantity you’re after we may be able to provide a reduced cost price through our wholesale offering. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you. 

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    Organic. Chia Seeds are popular and powerful little Superfoods that are packed with nutrients and Omega 3’s. If you usually grind your Chia Seeds before using them Chia Seed Flour is the perfect way to use them...minus the grind! Origin Bolivia.

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