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Add a scoop of raw chocolate goodness to restore vitality and release serotonin naturally. Origin France.

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Raw Cacao is the raw uncooked chocolate bean that’s packed with minerals and tastes like dark chocolate. The powder is easy to use in any recipe when you want a chocolate flavour, from smoothies to cakes and ice-cream. Raw Cacao is the most fun, versatile and loved of all of the superfoods. Raw Cacao is chocolate! It is the raw chocolate bean that all chocolate in the world is made from. Cacao beans are seeds of the Theobroma Cacao tree, a small evergreen tree grown in Mexico and South America.

Raw Cacao has been used for thousands of years, first used in Mayan times and where it was regarded as a culinary treasure to named as the "Food of the Gods" by the Aztecs because of its high nutritional profile and exceptional flavor. Ever since then Cocoa has been used across the world to make chocolate and now only recently are we able to eat it in its natural form again as Raw Cacao. The no.1 selling Superfood!

Cacao beans are roasted and ground to produce cocoa and, after further processing, are the basis of chocolate. When the beans are picked from the Cacao Tree and dried at low temperature, without cooking, they are called Raw Cacao beans, which can be consumed whole, broken into pieces called nibs or ground to produce raw cocoa powder. Cacao beans are rich in natural antioxidant compounds, extremely high in minerals and have many health benefits.

The traditional way of making chocolate uses the cooked bean and it is then mixed with unhealthy ingredients like white sugar, preservatives, and fat to make chocolate. This processing is what has made chocolate unhealthy and also destroys many of it’s vitamins, minerals and makes what once healthy into an unhealthy treat. So by switching from chocolate to Raw Cacao, while everyone else is eating normal milk chocolate and getting a sugar crash 30 minutes later, you’ll be giving yourself a dose of the best food in the world and feel like a million bucks!

So that’s why the world is going back to using the Raw uncooked Cacao bean, packed with nutrients and good for you! No wonder everyone’s going nuts about Raw Cacao. It’s healthy chocolate! When it’s raw and uncooked it keeps, not only its flavour, but nutrients and live enzymes and is so easy to use...you can add it to anything!! 

Raw Cacao’s has many health benefits. It’s one of the highest sources of magnesium of any food on the planet. Many people in Western countries are chronically deficient in magnesium which plays many important roles in the body including helping relax muscles. It’s absolutely off the charts in terms of antioxidants. In fact, it has the one of the highest concentration of any food known to man. It has 20 times more antioxidants than 70% dark chocolate, and about 15 times more than green tea and red wine.

Raw Cacao is virtually the only food in the world that helps our brain produce more “feel-good hormones.” It contains PEA (which increases dopamine production), Tryptophan (increases serotonin production), and Anandamide (known as the “Bliss Chemical” which is usually released when we are in love or after physical exercise). Consuming Raw Cacao makes us feel good! That’s why people love it so much.

So how do we use Raw Cacao? Like dark chocolate Raw Cacao is bitter in taste, so add a sweetener of your choice. Honey and agave work well. The most important thing if you want to keep the live enzymes and all the nutrients in tact, don’t cook it. It can be used in baking but it’s much better to keep it raw and warmed rather than cooked. Raw Cacao does give you a burst of energy, so start off with a teaspoon and don’t consume late at night if you have trouble sleeping.

Raw Cacao can be used in any recipe when you want a chocolate flavour, from smoothies, to cakes, ice-cream, homemade nutella, energy balls, and protein bars. To make hot chocolate using raw cacao (add the powder to warmed milk and add honey, or 2 teaspoons to cold milk (dairy or almond) to make a paste and then add hot water.

And of course you can make your own Raw Chocolate at home. See our recipe section for a quick easy Raw Chocolate and get creative with the flavour. Let the Chocolate fun begin! 


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