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Buy Edible Seeds Online

Thanks to Nature Home Asia, it’s easier than ever to buy edible seeds in Thailand. There are many reasons to consider adding these highly snack-able superfoods to your diet.

For example, consider how many people would like to buy chia seeds today. These little black and white seeds pack double the protein of kidney beans, three times the iron of spinach and around five times the calcium of milk. And that’s not even a comprehensive list of benefits!

The good news is, if you are wondering where to buy chia seeds in Thailand, you’ll find them right here on the Nature Home Asia website. Let’s examine the health benefits of a few other seeds that you can purchase here on the website: 

  • Why buy pumpkin seeds?
    To begin with, pumpkin seeds are rich in protein. They’re also alkaline-forming, which is rare in this day and age of acidic diets. Beyond that, pumpkin seeds are also rich in vitamin B.
  • Why buy poppy seeds?
    You might assume that flavour is the biggest benefit of poppy seeds, given the extent to which they are used in cooking. However, they are also high in oleic acid, which lowers LDL; and they’re a good source of fibre and several minerals. 
  • Why buy flax seeds?
    Flax is particularly high in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This essential fatty acid is an anti-inflammatory. One tablespoon of whole flax seed also contains roughly the same amount of fibre as a half cup of cooked oat bran.
  • Why buy sunflower seeds?
    These popular seeds supply the body with vitamin E, phytosterols and magnesium. The fact that they taste so good is just an added bonus!
  • Why buy sesame seeds?
    Sesames are often used in cooking—not to mention as a sprinkle-on condiment for all kinds of foods. But sesame seeds are also remarkable for lowering cholesterol, preventing high blood pressure and even protecting the liver. 

We make it easy to buy organic seeds in Thailand. Please have a look at the seeds listed on this page, and simply click through if you would like to learn more about a particular seed or make a purchase. 

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    Organic. Used in detoxes all over the world, psyllium has the unique ability to expand in water which can help clean your digestive system when you need to detox. Origin India.

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    Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of tryptophan which allows for healthy sleep cycles. Munch on these, they’re a dream! Origin USA.

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