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Spices & Condiments

Welcome to Nature Home Asia

Here you can browse our full range of spices and condiments, all of which you can get delivered direct to your door.

Spices and condiments have been used to enhance the flavour of dishes for thousands of years, with just a handful of extra ingredients offering a new dimension to whatever you’re creating.

Whether you’re looking for salt sourced from the Himalayas, cayenne pepper from India or even apple cider vinegar direct from the USA, our products are sourced from all across the world to ensure we’re always offering the best range of natural and organic produce across Thailand. As we do with our nuts, grains and other products, we’re always looking to expand our offering, so be sure to keep an eye out for any new additions to our range of spices and condiments.

All of the spices and condiments offer a host of different benefits for the consumer. Himalayan salt for example is thought to contain all of the 84 essential nutrients also found in the human body.

Using spices and condiments is one of the easiest methods to start implementing a healthier lifestyle, particularly because they are so simple to add to everyday meals, or even be used in place of less healthy ingredients. Incorporating the healthy products we offer certainly won’t break the bank either, as some of our spices and condiments are found in our value range.

If you’re interested in purchasing large quantities of our spices and condiments, whether for business or personal use, there may be the opportunity to make savings on bulk orders through our wholesale service.

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    Organic Cassia. This delicious immunity boosting bark adds some warm spice to your life. Origin Indonesia.

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    Organic Ceylon. This delicious immunity boosting bark adds some warm spice to your life.
    Also available in Vegan Capsules. Origin Sri Lanka.

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    Organic. Ginger is a well known herb used in cooking and medicine across Asia for centuries. Our organic ginger powder can be used in cooking or raw food to add some spicy warmth and health benefits to your gingerbread men or your smoothies. Origin India.

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    Organic. While Turmeric has its roots in Indian cooking, it’s also used for pain relief and endorphin release.
    Also available in Vegan capsules. Our highest grade from India.

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