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Welcome to Nature Home Asia’s VALUE RANGE!

  • When my husband and I formed the company we wanted to ensure we only provided products from as close to the origin source as possible, offering you the highest grade we could possibly supply.

  • We also made it an important factor to always listen to our customers.

  • We’ve had a lot of feedback since we started which has been brilliant and not unsurprisingly we soon realised not everyone is experienced with enjoying Superfoods like our family does……and as such not everyone wants to take the leap and buy the highest grade we are able to supply.

  • Further to our incredible customers, we chatted to the hotels, spas and organic cafes that we supply and found that as food producers, it is not always cost effective to use the highest grade of product.

  • In addition to this, we feel a vital part of our committment is to support our local communities and farmers.

  • So, taking all of this into consideration, we realised it was incredibly important to source and offer a selection of products available for purchase in two grades and this is where we introduce our VALUE RANGE.

  • All of our products have amazing benefits and the main differentiating factors affecting price are things such as the cost of farming or import duties.
    Any product you buy direct from its origin will always carry a higher price and with that a higher strain and more effective benefits.

  • So now the choice is YOURS to make and we hope that you enjoy...

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    Organic. We’re nuts about this Ayurvedic digestive regulator. Origin Thailand.

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    Organic. Green Stevia is not as potent or higher grade as White. Still a fantastic sweetener. Origin Thailand.

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  • CASTOR OIL 450ml

    CASTOR OIL 450ml

    Castor Oil is extracted from the seed of the castor plant and has many therapeutic benefits for skin, hair and health. Our Value Range is for external use only.  Click here for our higher grade for internal use. Origin Thailand.

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6 Item(s)

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