Organic. Green Stevia is not as potent or higher grade as White. Still a fantastic sweetener. Origin Thailand.

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Stevia (green) is an incredible sweetener, it can be used in almost any recipe and you only need a tiny amount to replace sugar and add plenty of sweetness without the calories or unhealthy side effects. When you first taste Stevia you will be shocked at how sweet it is and then shocked that something this sweet is good for you! It is the perfect replacement to white sugar coming in a white powder that looks similar to refined white sugar but with none of the negative side effects. If you have a sweet tooth and want to avoid sugar you are going to be very happy to have found Stevia!

As more and more people are learning today, refined white sugar is incredibly harmful to your body. Weight gain, diabetes, heart problems, candida, as well as bad skin and the fact that white sugar is actually toxic to your system and people with serious health concerns are being told to cut it from their diet immediately. For this reason, people are looking for healthy alternatives. There are many low-calorie sweeteners on the market, but most of them are artificial and toxic in their own right like Aspartame which is used in diet sodas.

However, there are a few natural sweeteners out there that taste just as good. One of these is stevia, a sweetener that has become immensely popular in recent years. Stevia is a 100% natural, zero calorie sweetener with a number of health benefits.

Stevia is a green leafy plant that is native to South America.

It has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries and the plant has also been used for its strong, sweet flavor and used as a sweetener.

Our stevia is the refined powder which is made when the leaves are harvested, crushed and dried, leaving the 2 major sweet compounds which are hundreds of times sweetener than sugar!

Stevia has been shown to lower blood pressure, and help prevent and reverse diabetes when combined with a change in diet. Type 2 Diabetes is

Type II diabetes is currently one of the biggest health problems in the Western World due to our high dependence on sugar and junk food. So there are so many reasons to start adding Stevia to your diet. Having a sweet tooth just got fun!

So how do we use it? Coming in powder form makes it the perfect swap for white sugar, so add it to tea, coffee, yoghurt, smoothies, and cakes. It is also a good sugar substitute for baking. When using stevia in recipes, keep in mind that it is incredibly potent.

1 teaspoon of stevia extract can have a similar sweetening power as a whole cup of sugar. So go for the cautious side and add more if needed. 


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