• Testimonials :  Diane de Simone

    What I've been saying to people these days is:

    Not only do I live in paradise but recently this incredible young woman and her husband had the foresight and gumption to open a natural foods home delivery service -- Nature Home Asia.
    How much better can the experience of living here get? Now I can live here and not feel deprived of anything, not even organic turmeric or fresh organic almond butter!! Woo-hoo! I feel so privileged to have Nature Home Asia and Alison and Justin Freeden --its owners -- in my backyard!

    Diane de Simone in Thailand

  • Testimonials :  Ruther from Germany


    Thanks you so much. I have been searching for a reliable source of genuine products for a long time and finally i have one. Good Luck with your venture

    Ruther living in Thailand

  • Testimonials: Tammy United Kingdom

    Fanastic service:

    Alison and Justin thank you - living in Cambodia and finding you guys in Asia has been the final piece of the jigsaw ive been searching for. Speedy service and incredible products. The Acai and Raw Cacao Powder are sublime!

    Tammy in Cambodia

  • Testimonials: Marcus and Joanna

    Raw products at their best:

    Alison i appreciate your help and advice in choosing the prducts which best serve us for our needs. Its been a delight to deal with you on a consistent basis. You are always quick to respond and so far so good with the post!! Its always arrived on time.
    btw the Cinammon smells and tastes adorable!

    M & J in Hong Kong

  • Testimonials: Organic Resort Bali


    We found Nature Home Asia to be extremely professional and timely with their replies to emails and with us receiving their products.
    Our Executive Chef has been introducing organc products to our clients with great feedback from all. He is personally extremely pleased with Quinoa and the Oils.

    We wish the owners of NHA all the best for a prosperous 2016.

    Jordan in Bali

  • Testimonials : Khun Noi in Chiang Mai


    My husband and I are so happy to have found you guys. So pleased for you to see you grow this year. 
    Your products are so tasty, the customer service is excellent.

    Cant wait to conitnue during 2016!

    Kh Noi in Chiang Mai

  • Testimonials :  Robbie in Bangkok


    Homemade Granola - "Never tasted anything like it. Shame it cant be part of the Paleo diet! Its was incredible"

    Homemade Raw Cacao Chocolate Fudge - "Amazing. That must have sugar inside?!"

    Robbie in Bangkok

  • Testimonials :  Tammy Wade

    I love Nature Home Asia

    They have a wonderful range of health food products, which are just as good (and in some cases better) than what I used to buy in Australia, and it's so convenient to order online. Plus, there's a great team behind the scenes. I've been buying their seeds, nuts, oils and a few superfood powders which we use in our smoothies and paleo recipes at home. I recently tried Baobab powder for the first time - I gave it to my husband recently when he was sick and dehydrated recently - and he loves it now too!

    Tammy in Koh Samui, Thailand